Chances are that you are reading this because someone in your life is affected by autism.  I still remember how lost and overwhelmed I felt when my youngest son was diagnosed with autism over 12 years ago.  There is so much to learn and a tremendous feeling of pressure that you should have known it all…yesterday!  There are so many therapies, so many books and websites to read, and you already feel tired just thinking about it all.

Take a breath and relax.  You are not too late.  While it’s true that there is plenty of information out there about autism, it is hard to find someone who actually has real-life experience with a variety of teaching methods and therapies plus over 12 years of home schooling experience! 

I am the mother of a child with autism.  I want to help you to sort through the maze of information and start maximizing your child’s learning potential.

Services available nationwide and internationally
via phone (including Skype) and/or email consultations

1. Parent coaching/training to incorporate the most effective therapies into your child's educational program.  Therapies utilized in custom programs include:
  • ABA (applied behavior analysis) for step-by-step teaching
  • RDI (relationship development intervention)
  • Neurodevelopmental therapy & cognitive skills training
  • Verbal behavior & other conversational/pragmatic language therapy
  • Reading therapy (sight words and/or phonics-based)
  • Social skills training
  • Behavioral plans for negative behaviors, teaching self-help skills, potty training*, etc.  *For a FREE copy of my "Potty Training 101" tips, click here to email me.

I teach you how to implement these therapies yourself at home without paying a lot of money for professionals.

My son is now in high school and has made such excellent progress that I decided I needed to share what I’ve learned with others.  I want to spare you the thousands of dollars and hours that I have spent trying to figure out how to teach a child with autism.  God has answered so many of my prayers for my son and sent me a lot of wonderful people to help me put together the pieces of the autism puzzle.  I would like to help others do the same.  I don’t offer generic recommendations because every child is different and has different educational needs.  I can help you identify those specific needs and match the appropriate therapies and teaching strategies to design a truly customized educational program

I actually know what it feels like to be where you are.  Maybe you are the parent of a newly diagnosed child and you don’t even know where to start.  Or perhaps your child is older and you are out of ideas and need some fresh perspective.  Wherever you are, I do understand and I do want to help. 

2. Customized educational planning including developmentally-appropriate goals and specific curriculum recommendations

Due to popular demand, I will review video tapes of your child as an additional assessment tool if you wish.

3. Consulting services for churches and other organizations that need guidance in creating educational settings that meet the needs of children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder).

Let me know if you'd like to schedule a phone or email consultation.  Just register below or email me today!

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"I really appreciated your consult with me. I was considering starting ABA in addition to the ND program we were already doing, and you shared with me how both pieces were needed for your son. We started ABA and my daughter has made AMAZING progress!! Everything is just coming together. She is walking well now with crutches (she has CP also), starting to say a few words, interacting and interested in others, knows how to read receptively over 650 words, can do just about any puzzle you put in front of her, colors nicely, plays much more appropriately with toys....she did NONE of this a year ago!"
Joy - Pennsylvania

"I was very impressed with the program that Mary designed. My daughter doesn't fit into any one particular "diagnosis" because she has a rare chromosomal abnormality. Her "issues" parallel those of an autistic child -- apraxia of speech, sensory integration disorder, hyperactive -- but nothing I or the "professionals" have tried has been really effective. I was told by her OT that ABA was "too strict & structured", so I was a bit turned off by trying anything of that nature. Mary helped me to see that her "eclectic blend" of ABA and other methods was just what my daughter was needing. Instead of setting my child up to fail, as my misperception of the program led me to believe, this program allows my child to SUCCEED!! What a blessing! All the time and support that Mary has provided has been much appreciated, and well worth the nominal fee. Thank you Mary for your time and support"
Ruthanne S. - Michigan

"Since we started the home ABA program that you designed for my son about 3 months ago, he has progressed so much.  He now enjoys learning and it is such a joy to see him find great pride in the accomplishments he reaches daily. I am so thankful to the Lord that he led us to find you at the right time. With a personalized plan for my son, in 3 months he has learned so much.  I thank God for the blessing of knowing you and who you are to our family's life."
C. G. – California

"Thank you, thank you for the behavior reinforcement system you suggested. It worked! We did it all week and it helped tremendously. It really helped my husband and I be on the same page because when the kids exhaust us from misbehavior, we sometimes end up turning on each other…worn out from constantly making parenting decisions without always agreeing."
Athena Hultgren - Campbell, CA

"After homeschooling my mildly autistic first grader on my own this year, I was so glad to consult with Mary. She recommended a language arts curriculum, a math curriculum and an end of the year exam that would benefit my son and also shared great teaching tips on quality versus quantity.  I feel like I will always have someone now to consult with if I hit a bumpy road. Thanks Mary!"
Karen - Charlotte, NC

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